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Private Training and Consultations


Lisa holds workshops in her barn or will come to you. You can schedule a behavioral consultation at your home. Lisa will do an assessment of your dog and write up a training protocol for you and a trainer to follow. Lisa has a long list of in-home private trainers that she can recommend to you. If you wanted to have play-date group training sessions with friends, discounted rates are available as well. Sometimes you have just one skill you'd like your pet to master. Lisa offers 1-2 hour workshops on one skill. Some examples being recalls, jumping, barking, polite leash walking and general fears.

If your pet/s do better with only family members, or you live too far away for Lisa to visit your home, video consultations are available.


Call or email Boomerang Petcare for a specific quote!

Initial Consultation
$250 - $350
Subsequent Training
$75 per session
Video Consultations
$35 per hour
Training/Consultations for Rescue Organization
$25 per hour